About us

Hi guys (and girls, obviously ūüėÄ )!

We are three buddies who’d love to bring the American bbq culture here in Italy, because….. why not?!

We love meat, good meat actually, and¬†you all know that there’s no better way to cook a piece of beef/pork/chicken/turkey/alligator/rabbit/cat (JK, i’m allergic to cats..) than putting it into a kettle/smoker and letting it stay for a thousand hours at a very very very very low temp with some good wood.

So, here we are! We want to show you that we can smoke some meat in Italy too!

We want to teach italians (and people from other countries, maybe) that this is a beautiful world! A world made by meat, beers, good friends and some other beer!

Hope you like it. If not, we don’t care.



Show Cooking in Verona

Hi friends!! How are you??

We’re pretty fine.. some days ago we were at The BBQ Store¬†shop here in Verona for a little show cooking in order to promote the shop and – maybe – to help them to sell some smoker!


It’s been a great¬†day as I “worked”¬†with my bro William from 4Star BBQ Team (he’s the one on the left)! I can’t say I literally worked, it’s definitely been a pleasure for me to help our local bbq store and cook side-a-side with a great person and a great pitmaster like Will is!

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Chill+Grill Night @ Malvarina 05-09-2015

Hello meat lovers!

Here we are with a full report of our last night at Agriturismo Malvarina in Assisi, IT in collaboration with BuonAppetEAT, which has been fuckin awesome!! Almost 100 people came for dinner, despite the awful weather and they were all super satisfied, as usual!


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