Since I easily forget to save my recipes (I’m one of those who actually just follow their instinct when they’re in the kitchen), I decided to write down here what I remember from my recipes in order to have it saved somewhere, and to make it sharable with whoever wants it!

So, let’s talk about chili!

You may already know that this is a typical mexican dish, which was – in the beginning – intended to be made with some leftover meat, tipically beef, you may also read that the “original” chili should not have beans. Well, I use them. And I like it.

You obviosly know that chili has to be (at least) hot, so let’s see this fucking recipe…


  • 500gr beef *
  • 1 red onion
  • 0.3 lt lager beer
  • paprika, salt, pepper, cumin
  • 1 cup frijoles beans (or red kidneys, or black beans)
  • tomato paste
  • hotness (jalapeno chillies if you have some, otherwise some other kind of chillies)
  • nachos (minced)

Put a cast iron pan over the fire and stir the minced onion with some olive oil, then add meat and spices and let it go until meat become almost grey. In the meantime, add the hotness!

Put all the ingredients into a large pot and add beer and tomato paste, slow down the fire, close the pot ad let it stay for about 30′.

Every 4-5 minutes take a look inside the pot and move the chili, you don’t want it to stick (and burn) on the bottom.

After that, add the beans and the nachos to taste (they add sapidity and a little cruchness),  if you see it’s too liquid rise the fire a bit while mixing.

You can add sour cream on top along with cheddar and (in order to give some color) a bit of green onion, then you’re ready to serve it!


Hot Chili Dog


Bread Bowl Chili

  • Here’s the hint! If you’re going to prepare some hot chili dogs, use minced beef! It’ll make your chili more similar to a sauce and won’t fall off the hot dog!  Otherwise, if you’re going to eat it from a cup (or a plate, or a bread bowl like in the pic above), you can mix minced beef/pork and some leftover smoked brisket cut into little chunks.


Try your way, and let us know how you like your chili! 🙂


See ya!


Spice Lee




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