Hello meat lovers!

Here we are with a full report of our last night at Agriturismo Malvarina in Assisi, IT in collaboration with BuonAppetEAT, which has been fuckin awesome!! Almost 100 people came for dinner, despite the awful weather and they were all super satisfied, as usual!


Last night menu was (in order of serving):

  • Smoked Pork Ribs (with baked beans as side dish)
  • Pepper Stout Beef Sandwich
  • Smoked Chicken Wings (with stuffed vegetables as side dish)

Since they were aware people would be very hungry, the Malvarina’s staff also prepared a GREAT roasted pork ham sandwich! And they were damn right!!

Me, Hattori Manzo & Black
were on full throttle mode with all of our kettles equipped with WeBBQ accessories like Maxi Slowers and Stakers in order to prepare 25kg of wings, 10kg of PSB and 14 baby back slabs, plus the beans…


Tons Of Meat

Our Setup (plus Pok aka Speck aka Spank aka Pac aka whatever)

Our Setup (plus Pok aka Speck aka Spank aka Pac aka whatever)




Let’s spend some words on our preparations, just in case someone of you would like to replicate one or more of our recipes at home!


Go get some cube roll from your favourite butcher and smoke it (you may have to trim the fat if there’s too much on top, then rub it with SPG) with cherry wood chips at 110°C til it reaches 65°C internal.

In the meantime proceed to clean and slice some pepper (green, red and yellow) and red onions, along with carrots and whatever the fuck you want and put it all in a big casserole filled with stout beer (we used the special “Terra” from Birra Dell’Eremo).

When the meat reaches the desired T, put in the casserole and cover it with aluminium foil, then put it back into your kettle/smoker and let it finish til it reaches at least 94°C internal.

PSB after smoking

Smoked beef cube roll


Trim the fat off the meat and rub it with your favourite spices mix (we use sweet paprika, salt, black pepper, garlic, cumin, mustard seeds, chili powder, brown sugar and a couple of other spices that I totally won’t tell you!), then place the slab in your kettle/smoker [we used a Weber Master Touch 57 along with WeBBQ’s Staker 57, Maxxy Slower and their ribs holder] and smoke them for about 3 hours. We used cherry and apple wood chips.

Ribs Smoking

Ribs while smoking

Now cover them with aluminium foil and let them cook for an other couple of hours covered, then unwrap your ribs and place them again inside to let tem dry a bit.

If you want you can mop them with your favourite bbq sauce in order to make them a little bit tastier, this time we kept them dry and serve the sauce apart!


Just rub your fucking wings with your favourite rub and slam them into your kettle for a couple of hours at 150°C!

Then, if you want, you can place them directly over the hell’s flames for some minutes in order to make them crispier!

As you can see, our Hattori Manzo was very happy while playing with these wings!

Hattori Manzo playing with some wings

Hattori Manzo


5 floors of chicken wings











Ok, that’s all.. we’d like to leave you with the symbol of the night, that is our friend Stefano when we gave him his PSB Sandwich…


Our friend Stefano from BuonAppetEAT

See ya!

Spice Lee


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